Congratulations to LeBron James for winning his fourth championship (Cavs in 7)

written by Kris Caballero (June 10, 2017)

You clicked on the link, and you landed here. Hello, I ask that you blow off that steam of anger coming out of your ears as it's getting in my way. Thanks.

I'm not a [bandwagon] fan of the Cavaliers; I'm also not a [bandwagon] fan of the Warriors. This is the perfect time to bury those hatchets and keep yourself from letting your emotions overtake your thoughts. What you read is our prediction: the Cleveland Cavaliers will be your 2016-2017 NBA Finals Champions, and we, ahead of time, like to congratulate LeBron James for winning his fourth championship title. (By now, many will not have read this far and will ignite a flame war on the comments section.)

All About Numbers, Not Luck Nor The Better Team

"Shut up, Kris. You know nothing about numbers LOL!" Says someone who hates Math, so thanks for that comment, hypocrite. See what I deal with?

Congrats, LeBron for winning your fourth championship!
(Source unknown)

That image was taken back in 2003, but what's with the four LeBron is flashing? According to my research, a video blogger laid down the significance:

• LeBron James was born in 1984
• His birth time was at 4:04pm
• To win his fourth championship, LeBron must defeat the #4—Isaiah Thomas #4 (Boston Celtics)
• To also win, LeBron must [now] defeat the Fantastic Four: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala
• Cavaliers must win four (4) straight games to complete their comeback down 3-0 in the series—something never been done in NBA history
• LeBron won championships on the following dates: June 21 (Heat), June 20 (Heat) and June 19 (Cavs). Game 7 will take place in June 18 this year

I read and looked at various articles in response to the crazy Game 4 played at Quicken Loans Arena, and I barely found reactions and comments from Steph Curry. Is there a reason why he's quiet suddenly? Is Draymond the sports media troll keeping everyone busy reacting negatively without asking what Curry is up to?

Anyway, aside of the awful officiating in Game 4, which reminds me of the fishy yet lop-sided Western Conference matchup between the LA Lakers and the Sacramento Kings back in 2002, this game featured the Cavaliers at their ultimate best, scoring close to 50 points in the first quarter, and approached close to 100 points in the first half. Oh, how I wish regular seasons games were like that, instead of players whining and complaining about getting fouled after every possession. Man up, gentlemen, get over yourselves.

According to the video blogger, he believes LeBron is only destined to win four championships (Kobe has 5; [Michael] Jordan has 6). The Cavs' final score in Game 4 was 137—Cavs were 1-3 in 2016 until they forced a Game 7 and won.

With the production for his upcoming film Space Jam 2, my guess is that LeBron will excel in Hollywood, as did Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Seems like the protocol for some athletes nowadays: if you secure big time, high paying projects in Hollywood, you'll never want to go back to sports again. I don't blame LeBron at all, as even haters will still follow him outside basketball.

Websites like Sports Insights wrote this:

On the betting end, the Warriors seem to be the favorites, but bets are being placed on the Cavs moving the Moneyline below +400. So much changes and so much bets.

What if I'm wrong?

Even if it's not this year, LeBron will guarantee winning his fourth championship. Regardless of how you feel about him, it's in the books and he can never be the G.O.A.T. without us seeing him break records, play hard and do the impossible. The impossible? Yeah, the Boston Red Sox did so against the New York Yankees: win the series being down 3-0. LeBron will flash four championship rings the same way New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has:

Include LeBron with ya, Brady.

If you're a [bandwagon] Warriors fan, unclench your fists and put down that chainsaw. Curry being quiet in response to Game 4's result is already a bad sign (he seems to know what will happen). Oh, and please, don't go out and riot.

To those working in the security division for the NBA and Oakland: on behalf of us here at SPORTSSOTROS!, Game 7 will be held in Oracle Arena and due to the emotional nature of this Finals series, we have a terrible feeling disgruntled fans will leave the arena to vandalize property surrounding the area. For the sake of the other fans, please plan ahead and protect the others and the prevent putting innocent lives at risk. Better yet, kindly ask innocent bystanders for cell phone videos witnessing any wrongdoers in the arena, and arrest them immediately.

Overall, this article will be enough to drop jaws and anger those in the Bay Area. Remember: it's numerical significance, not luck. It's already in the books. On the upside, I will leave you with these final words:

IF YOU WANT FREE MONEY, BET ON THE CAVS! Bet responsibly, and only how much you can afford.

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