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Upper Deck: 2015-2016 MVP Hockey (Box #01)

written by Kris Caballero (March 11, 2016)

Box No.: KA080515
Cards: 5 cards per pack
Packs: 24 packs per box
Brand: Upper Deck

In contrast with pogs back in the nineties, and to an extent, Pokémon, sports card collecting is a hobby that has taught us the art of collecting and bartering. During my elementary school days, as fun as collecting was, I couldn't get a firm grip in maintaining a great collection because fellow classmates always acted sketchy around my backpack and constantly would steal my card collection (luckily for them, I won't mention names here as I remember ALL the names of who did so, and if you fans want me to, then let me know in the comments section). I went through Life purposely losing touch with all of them, being these as one of the reasons why; After all, what's a friendship without trust? Now, here I am, maintaining and managing a hefty conglomerate of a website that includes sports, able to jump back into a hobby that I can enjoy without anything fishy emanating in the air. I'm sure you're looking to jump back in as well. Thus, I have produced a section dedicated solely to sports cards!

Because I grew up being an NBA fan since, I took a detour in obtaining my very first bunch of NHL cards by Upper Deck®.

This was my first NHL cards pickup as I opened my first 5-card pack at 3:43PM featuring the following results:

Jarome Iginla, Patrick Marleau, Daniel Sedin, Jimmy Howard and Henrik Sedin.

Not bad. However, like every box set, there come some Rookie cards, checklists and some holograph cards, or in this case, Gold Script Parallels cards.

I did get one, but I will also include some of the other cool ones acquired from this box set below. (I was able to get an Alex Galchenyuk card. I don't know why but his last name is fun to pronounce.)

Foil cards (silver):
NHL cards: Mark Messier, Jamie Benn, Erik Carlsson, Loui Eriksson
Left to right: Mark Messier, Jamie Benn, Erik Carlsson, Loui Eriksson

Rookie cards:
NHL cards: Nick Cousins, Ryan Hartman
Left to right: Nick Cousins, Ryan Hartman

Checklist cards:
NHL cards: Alex Ovechkin, Jonathan Drouin
Left to right: Alex Ovechkin, Jonathan Drouin

Gold Script Parallels:
NHL cards: Jori Lehtera
Jori Lehtera

"NHL Territories" Holograph (front):
NHL Territories Max Pacioretty

NHL Territories Max Pacioretty
Max Pacioretty

Just when I find amusement in pronouncing Galchenyuk's name, the first holo card happen to be his fellow Hab: Max Pacioretty. Suffice to say: the design of the card looks quite unique, with the city of Montreal in the background.

A pretty modest start for an NHL card collection. Funny thing about this box set was the chunk of player cards from the Blackhawks, Rangers, Islanders, Bruins and Red Wings. Other than that, it's a decent start in the realm of NHL card collecting. What cards did you pickup and who?

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