We Are Interested in Buying ESPN (The Future of ESPN)

written by Kris Caballero (February 17, 2017)


My name is Kris Caballero. As the president/CEO, founder of the KC Universal Network, which enterprises both SHOWSOTROS Productions and The Seeds of Books, I, hereby, pledge in making a modest purchase for the wide world of sports, that is, ESPN. No such plea would be complete without an aim to negotiate for a reasonable price—a price that's enough to compensate workers wholly focused on pristine programming and products that sell, that product being sports. Because of the major shift in fan interest, we look to transform and get folks to run outside and play their favorite pastimes, while learning from professional athletes how to better their game on top of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The leading world of sports is a big network slogan to get customers and consumers to confide in and trust, knowing they're guaranteed 100% satisfaction from start to finish. Saying that means ESPN is no exception and we truly hope will pursue in making sports the most exciting event that's happened to this world.

Upon agreement on a price, worries and thoughts run through you, the sellers, in what the future may look like under our very own executive management. Because of the historic criticisms the network received since its mainstream recognition, and its current state, perhaps we shall take a few moments to formally mention them:

Politics Is NOT Sports

Due to the massive distaste in our newly-elected candidate making decisions for our country, in no way do we condone any political statements/rants, be it right or left, to convey a point as the "most correct," in contrast and comparison to other views. Because this unsatisfactory reaction caused a lot of professional athletes to protest and make a stand, including fans unsubscribing to the top sports network on TV, we still do not want to give people the impression that we favor one side of the political belief, for the sudden assumption that we don't favor the other side. While it is a right for citizens to say what they think, business professionalism is of our upmost importance, and any employee, (former) athlete, coach, team owner, league commissioner who do not agree with this will end an everlasting partnership with the wide world of sports. Our specialty is nothing but sports, both professional and collegiate, thus making political advocacy the anti-thesis for the goal of the network. Many sports icons will speak out against this rule of ours, but like sports free agency, this is a business and we want to put our customers/viewers first.

Because of this, we regret to inform TV networks and the public that Rush Limbaugh will forever be banned from working and being in contact with us, due to his racist comments about an NFL quarterback [Donovan McNabb] back in 2003. Any phone calls, texts, emails and/or social media contacts will be re-directed to Human Resources. While we aim in not holding any kind of grudges in the business world, we want to dust out every and any particle that is politically and socially (in)sensitive that may affect our fan base and viewership, let alone the sports leagues we have partnered with, and our affiliate advertisers. While we are also aware of the remarks made by radio host and analyst Stephen A. Smith, he will be on strict watch. Any public deterrence from Mr. Smith about living by these new rules will receive a retirement package including a contract buyout. Sports debates make great programming, and since it's easy for one to lose their train of thought, correspondents must maintain in sticking with the subject without any rude attacks or gestures toward the other person, personal or otherwise.

"Extreme Makeover" for SportsCenter

Popular TV program Extreme Makeover and its architects will be invited to give popular ESPN show SportsCenter a total makeover. Its high-tech, multi-million studio will be reduced to a smaller, simplified studio where camera shots are solely focused on the sports reports and the reporters/journalists without aesthetic distractions. Being massively criticized for being an "entertainment" show, our take is to bring back sports news/journalism informing fans and viewers up-to-date reports on various teams, athletes, coaches, team owners and all else. In addition, our SportsCenter will shine light on lesser known competitions, such as Curling, FootGolf and Robot Boxing, bringing fans and viewers a new venture of interest in terms of broadcast.

Being the top program for its amazing broadcast graphics, we plan to bring back the graphics package used back in 2009-2013.

As for the analysts and correspondents, without any references to any political issues and statements, they are free to analyze and criticize game play, athletes, coaches and any public figures in sports without any use of profanity. We understand many athletes are exuberant in receiving praise, but are also overtly sensitive to remarks they may feel is too "personal." We ask sports figures that the nature of the analyst/correspondents is to critique play-by-play, and must take sports critics with a grain of salt. We want to make the impression that the game is played the best it's played, and anyone in the public eye knows they can't impress everyone, which may include reporters working for us. With that said, criticism must be of the sport and no personal attacks, baggage must be made and/or mentioned. Such criticism will result in severe punishment, and possible termination with the network.

Reconcile with the NHL

Gradually increasing in popularity every year, we hope to reconsider our partnership with the NHL and all its smaller, development leagues under the NHL's hockey network. Because we feel that fans love the energy and the muscle-laden competition, that is football, including hockey back in our network will generate a large, new fan base for the sport.

Because the NHL has a full partnership with NBC Sports, some negotiations will take place in sharing broadcast rights and split revenue working along side with NBC Sports. Such tactic brings us a very important issue in our plan:

We will continue to stand strong in comparison to CBS Sports, NBC Sports, FOX Sports and more

According to reports, ESPN continues to lose subscribers at a staggering rate due to public figures making political rants and taking time to debate on various social issues, be it conservative or liberal. To reiterate, politics are not a welcome subject in the world of sports, and we want to respect everyone's political views. It is our belief that politics is the main reason for the decline in viewership/subscribers and it shows. Under our management, eradicating social and political issues will get sports fans comfortable again in watching sports, knowing their personal views will not be affected by the ones bringing you the news and the joy of competition. Doing so, in abundance with an extreme makeover and sports journalism and reporting, will regain the viewership and trust among fans and viewers—the most important part of our business.

Since our plan is to begin completely from scratch, we will always be an equal opportunity company, welcoming those who have the passion and skill set needed to bring the viewers and fans what they want—sports. As long as the employee has the skills needed to bring our product to the masses, race, orientation, age and citizenship will not be a concern in the hiring process. If the individual(s) have work experience and are passion about the world of sports, we want them to work with and for us, plain and simple. Individuals strongly experienced in lesser-known sports, such as lacrosse or slamball, will be highly considered.

In our current partnerships with various sports leagues such as the NFL and MLB, commissioners must adapt and adhere to the new rules and policies of our network. In other words, any figure under the league making political remarks and/or stances must be taken action and, most likely, be met with punishment. Such political stances must be made and done on their own personal time so long as they're not "on the clock." We're all about our viewers and our fans, and because cord-cutting has greatly affected revenue shares and stock prices, due to such statements and rants being made, we don't want to alienate our fans who may have opposing views. Leagues must work with our "No Tolerance for Politics" rule. Focus on the competitions, the broadcast, and best of all, our fans.

Play-by-Play Announcers

We were disheartened in excellent play-by-play announcers, such as Mike Tirico, leave in respectable terms. We hope to hire him back to call NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB and various other sports under our network as his voice and professionalism has garnered sports fans and making them fully tuned in to the broadcasts. We hope to speak to announcers like Tirico, or even Bob Costas, in agreeing to be one of our top play-by-play announcers for our live sports airing.

In addition, we look to compose a neat contract in hiring back Mike "Doc" Emrick as the main announcer for our hockey games, and many more.

Prices for Subscriptions

The network has received and endless array of complaints about prices. We are always listening and we want what's best for our customers and fans and will, therefore, take immediate action to make our prices reasonable for not only sports fans, but for everyone as well.

In that case, any live games will be aired FOR FREE via our free App "WatchESPN." Our definition of "free" means being able to watch WITHOUT AUTHENTICATING the viewer's cable/online streaming subscription. To generate revenue from a "free service," we simply air commercials during TV and team timeouts. For those only wanting our ESPN broadcasts, we will offer the option for fans to subscribe to our ESPN-only app compatible with mobile, tablets and TV boxes we proudly call ESPNZero™. Fans can get everything and anything out of our sports broadcasts, reporting and live games WITH ZERO ADS/COMMERCIALS out of our independent app ESPNZero™ for $2.99 a month.

Due to the high prices for cables, we will no longer be packaged with cable companies that require hefty monthly packages to watch our network. We will remain available on streaming options such as Sling and PlayStation Vue, but because of the development and release of our own app ESPNZero™, fans can subscribe and focus on sports without worrying about paying for channels they don't watch.

The Future

Technology changes rapidly, and to keep up with the demand and the way fans watch and enjoy sports, we're constantly listening to fans on online forums, emails and phone calls. We also want to show our experiment in future competitions such as cyborg athletes breaking human records and feats of strength. We feel that competition is also an art, and to showcase the beauty of what the human body can attain and do to outweigh their opponent(s) just makes this a lively proposition in solidifying fan loyalty with us.

Thus, with the moves we look to implement, the future looks bright under our management, knowing fans will be excited and passionate about sports again. Hoping sports leagues we have partnered with will work with us, the games and products we show to the masses will rekindle our fan base.

Any chances in making an offer are always welcome so long as the network still stands and is for sale. Not putting the network for sale will result in continual massive decline in subscribers and viewers, thus resulting in a nose-dive in revenue, cancellations in sports programs, shutting down of the ESPN radio network, leaving only live sports broadcasts and SportsCenter as the only programs for the network.

This treatise was not possible if it weren't for I, Kris Caballero, the president and founder of the KC Universal Network, and was openly written for both network executives and fans on the internet to read—in showing my personal passion in the world of sports, here on our sub-domain SPORTSSOTROS. Mentions of ideas in cleaning up management, knowing what fans prefer to see and our subscription-based app idea "ESPNZero™" are subject to "business idea theft" on this open letter, and are all aware by the writer himself. While such ideas will be stolen quietly and make claims it was the network's idea, without credit, isn't the first time that's happened to me personally, but will show fans the unoriginal considerations workers have taken the time to acquire, for fear that that employee's position may result in termination, to replace that employee with myself. While we understand that one desires to hold their position to continually receive paychecks to pay off their monthly bills, it is time such position is reconsidered and the offered to someone who loves everything about sports, while maintaining a professional business work environment, and is a better worker brimming with new, fresh business ideas, candidates like myself. Pay someone the checks who deserve it because of their love, passion and experience, not because they fear of losing their job and won't be able to pay for their personal belongings.

It is my personal pleasure that you have taken the time to read our little treatise and hope we can settle in a deal that will satisfy both parties while we immediately implement our new rules and regulations. Remind current employees of the network, those who are politically struck, are automatically on the hot seat and termination will follow, if attitudes and topical discussions don't change after 1 month after our purchase of the network. If the purchase were to be complete, we will still keep the network's name and will become a huge sub-division under our very own KC Universal Network (powered by SPORTSSOTROS).

I reside in Los Angeles, California, and any arrangements in interviews or a meeting with me in talking about purchasing, or business advising, please contact me using "Media" as the subject line on the form below. Email is the confidential form of contact with me and I will make time to discuss this possibility.

I want to personally thank you, network executives, managements among the leagues, college and pro athletes, coaches, team owners, league commissioners, network CEOs, sports fans and even our own fans here at the KC Universal Network for spending some time in reading our treatise/open letter in our pledge to purchase the network known to be the wide world of sports. Along with the flubs and and criticisms of the network, not including the political propaganda, we still highly respect all the work you continue to do in bringing fans sports for us to enjoy.

Humbly yours and best regards,
Kris Caballero, founder/CEO of KC Universal Network (SHOWSOTROS Productions and The Seeds of Books)

There you have it, fans; I had to write it. What do you think? Should ESPN re-think their situation after continually losing subscribers? Will the network be better under our management? Talk to us in the comments below!

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